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When low-cost, high-quality childcare and early education are made available to low-income families, not one but two generations gain an opportunity to overcome their circumstances and maximize their potential. Young Horizons’ ECE Program is offered for an affordable sliding scale fee, making it possible for parents who cannot afford full-price childcare to provide safe and appropriate care for their children.

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Donations will assist us in continuing to provide high-quality programs to Long Beach children and families. With limited state funding, your support is needed more than ever to help meet the needs of our children. Your charitable contributions are encouraged to help us teach more than 400 children each day. At Young Horizons, these children receive loving care, quality education, and important life skills which help prepare them for a successful school experience.

Your dollars give direct support and ensure the growth of our programs and projects. It is all about the children! We also accept select gifts of children’s books, office supplies, art materials, and gift certificates.


Jumbo Crayons / Pencils
Construction Paper
Tempera Paint / Paint brushes
Infant Board Books
Preschool/Bilingual Books
Wooden and floor puzzles
Markers – color and Sharpie
Write/erase markers / Board
Jumbo pencils
Jumbo crayons
Watercolor paint – individual

Glue sticks
Spiral Notebooks
Construction paper
Copy Paper
Hula hoops
Soft balls for bouncing
Radios with CD Player
Rug for reading area 24×20 inches
Boppy pillows
Infant care items, i.e. Baby wipes
Dress up clothes for boys

Paper towels/ TP
Arts and Craft materials
Child-sized furniture
Toy trucks
Dolls – soft, multi-cultural
Office supplies
Play plates/food


Please call our administration office at (562) 437-8991 for more information. Young Horizons is recognized by the State of California, Franchise Tax Board and the Internal Revenue Service as a qualified non-profit organization 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and up to 100% of your donation may be tax deductible (consult your financial adviser). Tax ID # 23-7049621.

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