Young Horizons

Mission and Values

The mission of Young Horizons Child Development Centers is to provide
quality childcare and preschool programs 
in a caring, loving and learning environment.


For Parents

  • Caring Attitude: Compassionate support and concern to our children and their families.
  • Commitment: YH is committed to providing a high quality  experience to all our children and their families.
  • CompassionWe understand and honor children’s and parents’ needs  through kindness and empathy.
  • Diversity: Reflects the racial diversity of Long Beach. We honor the many ethnic backgrounds and cultures.

For Children

  • Age Appropriate: Our program is designed to meet the child’s individual stages of development.
  • Individualized supportWe seek to understand the individual child and create the right supports for each child’s development.
  • Respect: YH honors the parent as the child’s first teacher. We encourage each parent to take the leadership role.
  • Responsiveness: Seek solutions to meet the needs of our children and families through direct services or referrals, if needed.

For Society

  • Advocacy: YH educates the public and advocates for long-term best interest of young children and their families.
  • Community: We engage in the community to provide a full breadth of services to our families.
  • Integrity/Accountability: YH maintains the highest level of integrity and transparency in its administrative, service, and outreach activities.
  • Partnerships: Partnering with a wide variety of advocates and like-minded services brings an added dimension to YH.

Core Values

The philosophy of Young Horizons Child Development Centers is based upon a set of strongly held beliefs:

  • We believe that the child’s development is enhanced in partnership with the home, school and community. We respect parents as the most significant adults in a child’s life.  We encourage open communication between parents and center staff.
  • We believe that children learn best in a positive atmosphere designed to foster a sense of self-esteem. Our teachers create a relaxed, nurturing environment that offers aspects of home and school.  The curriculum is developmentally appropriate.
  • We believe each child is a special and unique individual. We recognize that young children are action oriented and learn by hands-on experiences.  Our program is designed to develop and integrate the five selves: physical, cognitive, social, creative, and emotional.  We provide opportunities to develop self-confidence, autonomy, initiative and cooperative relationships. We promote understanding and respect for the child’s cultural heritage.